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Different Venues, Different Exhibits
Due to size and display limitations of some venues, there will be two basic versions of the exhibition that will be available for mounting. Exhibit A will contain only items that can be hung or displayed on walls. This includes photographs, wall texts, a collage of goat cheese labels and/or smaller pictures of other goat products. Exhibit B will contain everything that Exhibit A contains plus additional items and artifacts from the world of goats that will give the visitor a broad and interactive goat experience.

Opening Reception and Celebration of Goat Products
An opening reception featuring local goat cheeses and other products will be a great opportunity to raise community awareness of local producers.

The exhibit would contain between 20-40 photographs depending on the venue and would be roughly composed as follows:

75% of the photographs approximately 16 x 20 inches in size
25% of the photographs approximately 20 x 20 inches in size
The final presentation of the photographs, matting and framing is still to be determined.
We are looking into several possibilities for presentation taking into account costs of production and ease of transport.

The prints will be limited edition archival light-jet digital prints and will be available for sale through this website.

Available Educational Wall Texts:
The history of goats
The role of the goat in the history of food
Goats and the English language
Goats in religion, art, and culture
Goat breeds in America

This version of the exhibit would contain all of the elements of Exhibit A, plus any number of the following:

Potential Goat items & artifacts for display:
Milking stand (approx 60 in. x 24 in. x 45 in.)
Milking machine (approx. 18 in x 18 in x 30 in)
Saddle & panniers for packing (approx 18 in x 12 in x 12 in)
Samples of raw graded goat fiber: mohair & cashmere w/clothing samples
Goat clippers for shearing and for trimming hooves
Goat milk soaps & lotions
Goat cheese labels from around the country, goat milk & yogurt cartons
Goat figurines & other goat curiosities

Potential Periodicals & Newsletters for display:
The Dairy Goat Journal
Wild Fibers Magazine
The Homesteader's Connection
Meat Goat Monthly
United Caprine News
Procedings of the Annual Goat Field Day from Langston University
Program from the American Dairy Goat Association National Convention
Mail order Catalog from Caprine Supply, Desoto, KS

Potential Books for Display:
"Paula Sandburgs' Chikaming Herd," The National Park Service
"La Chevre," edited by David & Micki Colfax, Mountain House Press, Philo, CA
"The Pack Goat," John Mionczynski, Pruett Publishing Co., Boulder, CO
"Storey's Guide to Raising Dairy Goats," Jerry Belanfer, Storey Books, N. Adams, MA
"The Little Goat on the Roof," Jody Littler, Skandisk, Inc., Minneapolis, MN
"G is for Goat," Patricia Polacco, Philomel Books, NY, NY
"The Goat in the Rug," Charles Blood & Martin Link, Simon & Schuster, NY, NY

If you have goat products or other goat related items that you feel would be appropriate for display as part of Exhibit B, please send a description and photograph of the item to:

American Goat Exhibit
37 Deering Street #1
Portland. Maine 04101

Please do not send any actual products or items at this time.

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A traveling educational photographic exhibition about goats in America

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