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* To educate the American public about the varied and expanding role that goats are playing in American culture and agriculture today.
* To inform the general public about the many wonderful goat products that are available locally and nationally.
* To raise awareness of sustainable agriculture, heritage livestock, Slow Food, and other issues that are important to goat owners.
In August of 2003, Karl Schatz and Margaret Hathaway embarked on a year-long exploration of the goat industry in America. Schatz, a photographer, and Hathaway, a writer, documented in words, photographs and sound, the vast number of farmers, ranchers, cheese makers, chefs, vets, butchers, circus trainers, and enthusiasts who make up this unusual slice of America. You can find out more about their project at

An Educational Photographic Exhibit
An exhibit centered around Schatz's photography is a unique opportunity to educate the general public not only about the role of goats in American agriculture today, but also about many other important topics related to sustainable agriculture.

Non-Profit Organizational Support
Planning and fundraising for the American Goat exhibit is being overseen by Farms in Focus a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of sustainable agriculture through the arts. Farms in Focus is in the process of obtaining its 501(c)3 status. For more information about Farms in Focus visit
Exhibit Contents
The exhibit will feature 20-40 color photographs, depending on the venue, which will give the viewer a window into the colorful world of goats. Each photograph will be accompanied by wall text with background and contextual information that will inform and educate, and speak to the importance of goats in global agriculture and the history of food, religion, art, language and popular culture. See the Exhibit section of this site for a complete list of exhibit contents.

Expanded Exhibit With Goat Products
Some venues may only be able to display a smaller selection of photographs and wall text. Others, such as large public libraries and state fair exhibition halls, may have the space to display a more comprehensive exhibit that will include goat products and equipment. A second, more expansive version of the exhibit will feature various items and artifacts from the goat world. This tactile and three dimensional experience might include a milking machine, raw goat fiber (cashmere and mohair), a goat packing saddle and bags, a collection of goat cheese labels from around the country, goat milk soaps and other goat products, as well as a selection of goat books and publications.
Exhibit Budget
We are trying to raise several thousand dollars to finance the initial mounting of the exhibit and to cover the costs of scanning, printing, framing and shipping materials. We then hope to raise several thousand more to help subsidize the shipping and handling costs of bringing the exhibition to communities all over the country. We are applying for grants and arts and agricultural education funding. We also hope to find corporate and organizational underwriters who will be willing to help get the exhibition on the road. We are planning a benefit auction in conjunction with Khimaira Web Hosting to raise money for the exhibition.

Audio-Visual Valued Added
Schatz and Hathaway have put together a 15 minute video of goat photographs with a soundtrack of people from all over the country describing what they love about goats. This can be made available for display at the location or for a special screenings in conjunction with the exhibition. Schatz and Hathaway are also available for presentations and talks about the goat industry and their experiences in the goat world.
Contact Information
For more information about the American Goat exhibit or The Year of the Goat project please contact:
Karl Schatz & Margaret Hathaway Schatz
37 Deering St. #1
Portland, ME 04101

or email:

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A traveling educational photographic exhibition about goats in America

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