American Goat
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A Brief History of Goats
Goats were one of the earliest domesticates animals, and evidence of their domestication can be traced back as far as 10,000 years. They probably originated in Central Asia and the Mediterranean, but by the 1500s Spanish and Portuguese explorers were scattering goats across the globe. Goats were commonly kept on ships as a source of milk and meat, and there's documentation that goats were along on the Mayflower's journey to America. By the 1600s, the first goat registry was produced in Switzerland, and classification by breed has existed ever since. Because of their versatility, goats have adapted to virtually every climate on the planet. Globally, more people drink goat's milk than any other type of dairy, and goat meat is one of the world's most popular red meats.

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A traveling educational photographic exhibition about goats in America

all text and photographs ©2005 Karl Schatz / The Year of the Goat

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